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Phyllis C. Davis is founder and President of Blue Heron Circle, LLC which was formed in 2012 for consulting within the property management industry. BHC Property Management, LLC was established in 2013 as a Management Agent for HUD subsidized and non-HUD subsidized apartment properties.

Prior to establishing BHC Property Management, Phyllis was Regional Property Manager with a property portfolio ranging from 7 to 11 properties consisting of conventional apartment properties, Tax Credit, HUD subsidized Section 236 with and without Section 8 and HUD subsidized Section 202 located in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee, Alabama and California. Phyllis worked very closely with the property Owners, Board of Directors, Staff, Residents, Contract Administrators and the local HUD offices in order to make sure the properties were in compliance with all federal HUD regulations and do so in a manner respectful of all parties. Phyllis worked directly with HUD offices located in New York, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Knoxville, TN and Birmingham, AL.

For many clients who had troubled properties, Phyllis’ work started with creating a business turnaround plan including guidelines which made the property income and operationally productive. To accomplish the turnaround, Phyllis worked closely with on-staff personnel to create a team environment which is vital so that everyone involved gains a sense of how important their individual role is to the outcome. Phyllis also wrote, submitted and was awarded grants from the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development for her portfolio properties which provided necessary upgrades to non-profit elderly properties that ensured safety and quality of life to those residents.

From 1988 to 1995, Phyllis was a Training & Section 504 Americans with Disabilities Coordinator with a management company with 23 properties consisting of Conventional, Section 236 and Section 8 properties. Phyllis was responsible for coordinating on-site training for the Resident Managers, auditing HUD required occupancy forms, installation and assistance of computer equipment, coordinated for Section 504/Americans with Disabilities compliance, coordinated all apartment modifications for disabled/mobility impaired residents with maintenance personnel and/or contractor and processed monthly reports for Owner/Management Agent.

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